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The unique patented Extruda-Mold® Process for splicing

conveyor cable has produced remarkable results for the forty

years we have been in business.

CCS Cable Splicing Service

Cable Splicing Service Brochure

Not only does Cable Conveyor Systems sell their patented Cable Splicing Machine, but it is also available for lease and can be easily operated by your own personnel.


Additionally, Cable Conveyor Systems

can perform cable slicing in your plant on an appointment basis, as the cable splicing machine is completely portable. ​

To view or download, click on image above.

CSS Splicing Machine

CSS Splicing Machine

Dramatic increases in total yearly production can be attributed to the superior strength and long lasting

characteristics of our high-quality cable and the Splicing Machine manufactured by Cable Conveyor Systems. 


While rapid cable repairs and installation are certainly advantageous, our special Extruda-Mold® Can Cable and splicing technique provides even more valuable features.

CCS Extruda-Mold Technique


  • The actual cable splice can be made to an online conveyance system in approximately one hour. 

  • With a breaking strength of nearly 6000 pounds the splice maintains 95% of the minimum required breaking strength of the original cable.

  • The special nylon coated stainless steel cable lasts 15 times longer than other nylon coated galvanized cables.

  • Stainless steel cable will not corrode, even on wet line conveying systems.


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