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New and Reconditioned Sheaves

Cable Conveyor Systems Sheaves are integral to the efficiency of the conveying systems.  Not only do we sell new sheaves, but can expertly recondition your worn sheaves.

Sample Sheaves


CCS Sheave Reconditioning Service

Benefits of Sheave Reconditioning Process:

  • Worn out steel corner sheaves can be reworked by our patented reconditioning process.

  • Steel sheaves that have become chipped and razor-sharp are machined down then recoated with a poly-tire.

  • This new Poly-tire reduces noise, eliminates sharp edges that cut can cable and protects the product from getting damaged.

  • Steel double and triple groove drive sheaves have also benefited from this process.

CCS Corner Sheave.jpg

Single Drive Sheave

CCS-2200 Top Corner sheave with hub SER  1 1/4" or 1 7/16" bore. 


Sheave diameters: 15" and 18"

CCS Double Groove Drive Sheave

Sheave with poly-tire

CCS-1000-D Double groove drive sheave with 95 poly tire.  Taper lock bushing for 1 1/2" or 1 7/16" bore. 


Sheave Diameters: 15" and 18"

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know how we can help with your sheave requirements.


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